Fighting for the “right” to define Life

It was the famous existential philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre who said: “Everything has been figured out, except how to live”.

If we were to place this alongside the words of another famous thinker, Carl Jung, relevance and meaning are increased: “It may be that in all the garbs, shapes, forms, modes, and manners of life offered to him, [man] does not find what is peculiarly necessary to him. He [must] go alone and be his own company. He will serve as his own company, consisting of a variety of opinions and tendencies – which need not ┬ánecessarily be marching in the same direction”. (from Memories, Dreams, Reflections)

If we were to accept, as these men did, that reflection and discernment are acts of personal, cultural, national, and global conscience, that “man” is a collective entity, there is a timeless wisdom here.

Rather than clamoring to protect one right definition of “Life”, might it not be profoundly more “Right” to consider that while Life is intimately revealed, no one of us can grasp the whole sense of this Life?

Perhaps then it is more valuable to talk about the greater Nature and Body of Life, revealed; to fight for one vision, one revelation, is a distraction – foolishness. We must be willing to move among the parts that we are if we are to expand and to evolve in why are here.

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