The Voice in the Global Noise

I too am profoundly drawn to images from around the world where faces are raw, where the cries for something more that this (!) wrestle down any tendency to stare, detached from the horror. I can not detach.

I listen for the nugget of what the plea is for – the human right to dignity, freedom, and justice is clear. The outpouring of human rights watches and organizations, they are at work; I am part of such watches.

But something is missing. Governments are inadequate in their efforts to get legislation and Treaties right; wars and valor are clearing space but the pause between war and peace is getting filled in too quickly with what is familiar. Where/what are we needing to (be allowed to!) Occupy – that our lives and rights verily depend on? Who/what are we asking to Occupy us that would make that historical difference ?

Why does it matter that we progress in what we claim to search for? Perhaps it’s not the immediate need to name what “it” is, and place our stake of claim in “it”, that matters   primarily. We each – personally, culturally, nationally, religiously – search in ways that are meaningful to us. But having a collective way to make sense of what all our searching  is for, can help us move together – with an attitude of harmony and openness rather than conflict and fear. It is not unreasonable that we could possess a “worldview”, and withing that, have our own particular ways of helping that world come into being.

I refer in my writing to the universal image of the World Soul. This is defined on the intro page of this blog – that inherent will toward re-balancing and re-harmonizing that can give our personal/cultural/national souls reason for real (vs. temporary) hope. Is this what our cries could be for? This is a conversation about what matters; it gives clarity and possibility to our protests because we know what we are searching for. We can not give “it” to one another…we can only search together for the truth of what “it” is.

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