The wisdom of kindness

I heard David Frum say in an interview this morning that the beginning of wisdom in America today was to ask how the original intent of the Second Amendment (the right to bear arms) might be revised to have meaning for our current civilization? I’m thinking we’ve been playing with the edges of that question for many generations. Taking up weapons to avenge our deepest fear that Life has abandoned us (therein the justification to abandon it in a final rush to preserve our value and our existence), is historic. This continues for a reason that we have yet to take hold of.

Could it be that the greater wisdom to be gained now is: How can we profoundly shift toward the forces that do preserve and protect who we¬†are? The stories coming out of Newtown are shining the way forward: letting kindness fill the space where hatred and fear could have led. The capacity of the wounded to hold their wounds just separate enough to be able to choose kindness, heals…here…now. It is a perspective that is making a difference.

In “Restoring our World Soul” (see my website for purchase), I offer a deep look at four global movements we can make to restore Life rather than objectifying onto it, our frustrations.

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