Why this blog?

Our lament is intensifying: “This senselessness has to stop. We have to find a way to make new┬ásense of what is unfolding at an escalating and increasingly extreme rate in our world…while at the same time arresting our fears of what we know has to come.”

Centuries ago Pythagoras first called the universe a ‘kosmos”, a natural order that has as its intent the principle of “logos”, or proportion. Through this natural re-ordering, there comes an evolving, greater fitting together of opposites, a restructuring of the working union between the parts and the whole.

Plato called this underlying and universalizing structure wherein the intrinsic will toward harmony, proportion, and relatedness continually regenerates new order, the World Soul. Here, there is no dichotomy between “ideas” and “reality”, between “ideology” and “pragmatism”. Natural re-ordering draws on those ideals which bring best function to what is historically at hand; what is at hand is given value because of the historical ideals we are forever driven to make real in our world.

Using global events and movements as a backdrop, my intent in this blog space is: to advance a world view that “Sees”, in our global disturbances, generative reordering and proportioning already rising; to converse with others who also are deeply invested in moving past the chatter, getting to the core of the matters addressing us in this period of global emergence.

For more information on who I am and what Work I do, please visit my website: www.leadershipforlife.ca.

You can purchase copies of my book there – “Restoring our World Soul“. In this book, I write in deeper detail about four global movements we can make to proliferate in greater and greater form, this restorative Work.

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